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Aminol manufactures and markets lubricants on par or exceeding international standards

Lubricants and service fluids manufacturing facility

Heat dissipation from surfaces, protection against oxidization and corrosion, wear prevention and cleaning of closed power output systems are the core charasteristics of our product portfolio. Aminol develops products formulated on different base oils and additives, to meet a wide range of customer demands worldwide. 

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About Aminol

Proudly presenting the manufacturing facility!

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Manufacturing and Supply

Industrial Lubricants

Aminol has the capaciy to manufacture, enrich and deliver a industrial lubrciants. The company offers support in the proper application procedure and carries out relevants tests to provide the customer with a suitable lubricant. Aminol's product line includes; hydraulic lubricants, compressor lubricants, gear lubricants, refrigeration compressor lubricants, circulation lubricants, and transformer lubricants. The company typically sells these oils in bulk, either in tanker trucks, or railway tankers, however a fraction of deliveries are made in relatively smaller packages.

Motor Lubricants

Aminol is specialised in producing motor lubricants for cars, transporters, trucks, buses, outboard engines and motorcycles. In addition, Aminol produces transmission fluids and gear lubricants for transportation. Our product line is not limited to road vehicles, Aminol produces locomotive lubricants, marine lubricants and aviation lubricants. Regadless of the power output, build, and fuel of an engine we have the expertise and manufacturing capacity to process the appropriate lubricant and consult the user on proper application procedure. Products are sold in bulk and a wide array of relatively smaller packages. Certifications and approvals are available to professional users on request.

Specialty Lubricants

Aminol has the capacity to manufacture and deliver specialty lubricants. The company has partnered with international giants in OEM manufacturing and established sales channels to a highly specialised companies operating top-notch equipment. Our specialty lubricants line includes; mould lubricants, textile lubricants, heat transfer lubricants, metal working lubricants and rust prevention lubrcants. Lubricants are sold in both liquid and aeresol form for ease of use. Products are sold in bulk form and a relatively smaller packages. Certifications and approvals are available to professional users on request.


Aminol delivers a specialty and budget greases based on customer demand. Our product line includes lithium grease, lithium complex grease, calcium grease, calcium complex grease, aluminum complex grease, and molybdenym disulfide grease. Products are sold in bulk and typical grease packaging quantities. Certifications and approvals are available to professional users on request.

Service Fluids

Aminol manufactures a selection of service fluids for machinery, equiment and transporation. These prodcts are designed by experienced process engineers and tested under conditions that are specific to the equipment in which the productis applied. Aminol works to develop newer more advanced products fluids based on these tests. Aminol manufactures and delivers antifreeze and coolant, heat transfer liquids, Adbluebrake fluids, car-care chemicals, auto-shampooindustrial shampoo, and deionised luquids used in the transport industry. Products are sold in bulk form and a wide array of packages. Certifications and approvals are available to professional users on request.

Our product range:

For more information on Aminol contact our headquarters:

Icheri Sheher, Vali Mammadov Street 3, Baku, AZ1000

Tel. +994 12 585 10 05

Fax +994 12 505 68 11​


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